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Pr 2122 students may appeal against the outcome of the examination under the procedures for academic appeals as defined in the chapter on academic appeals resubmission for the degree of phd pr 2123 after examination of the resubmitted thesis, which may include a second oral examination if the examiners. University of edinburgh: year of presentation in the case of a thesis which is resubmitted, the year in which the thesis is resubmitted should be shown as the year of presentation what do they mean by year of presentation from their website: at some point between submission of your thesis and the. If the outcome of the examination is revise and resubmit, candidates are encouraged to discuss the result with your supervisors and to determine how much additional research and writing will be required before your thesis can be presented for re-examination candidates have three months in which to. Resubmission requirement for thesis ii resubmission requirement for thesis ii to present your thesis for re-submission, you are ought to submit the following in the given time-slots to the oric:-. But before your thesis can take its place there, you must attend to the changes that your examiners have suggested that you make to your thesis i got 6 months to make corrections and will make them and resubmit with all the good positive diligent energy but i feel my thesis was put on hold for no.

(2) resubmission of a phd thesis as a masters thesis: if the thesis does not meet the scope of a doctoral thesis but is adequate for a masters degree all amendments recommended must be made and the thesis resubmitted to the school for examination as masters thesis within 60 days of the viva voce. Resubmit a thesis for examination, an oral shall also be held other than in exceptional circumstances, where the convener, on the recommendation of the committee of examiners, may seek the agreement of the dean of graduate studies to set aside the requirement for an oral examination after resubmission in such. A candidate shall be permitted to revise and resubmit a thesis for examination once only • if a revised and resubmitted thesis is finally accepted, the result shall be either 'pass' or 'fail' (ie ungraded) and without eligibility for the award of the degree with credit or distinction • once the final result has been approved, the. Also attached for completion is a form for the formal signed and dated notification to the university of the examining board's recommendation on the outcome of the examination please note that examiners' reports on a resubmitted thesis must comment on the revised thesis as a whole and not only address the corrections.

If the examiners recommend that your thesis is referred for resubmission, then you'll be required to revise the thesis which may include further research and then resubmit it for re-examination referral a decision to “refer” a thesis indicates that, although the thesis is potentially of a standard to merit the award of the degree it. Resubmission of a thesis in cases where a formal resubmission is required, examiners are advised that their joint report should contain detailed advice to the student on the required amendments and improvements the joint and preliminary reports should be returned to research services, who will. Outright pass your work needs no corrections minor corrections your examiners have a few minor suggestions that they would like you to incorporate major corrections or resubmission the thesis needs further work to be of doctoral standard this might include more research, rewriting sections or including new literature.

Submission and resubmission of thesis scope all full and part-time research students, including those registered on a validated research degree programme, academic staff with a responsibility for the supervision and examination of research students and administrative staff who have a role in supporting academic staff. Guidance for revising the thesis 9 confidentiality of reports 10 examination of a resubmitted thesis appendix c: role of examination advisor for research degree examinations: notes of guidance university regulations governing higher degrees regulation 38 – regulations governing research degrees.

(d) - the thesis should be classified as deferred and the candidate be given up to twelve months to revise and resubmit the thesis for examination (e) - the thesis should be classified as failed and the candidate should not be awarded the degree (master's candidates), or in the case of phd. Where a candidate has been asked to resubmit their thesis or the practical element of a practice-based degree they will do so by submitting two copies to the doctoral college office and these will be sent out to examiners by post. Information for examiners of resubmitted phd and doctorate theses requirements for award of phd degree all phd candidates are required to submit a written research thesis the thesis may be submitted in whole or partial fulfilment of the requirements for award of the degree depending on the. However, they insisted on resubmission rather than major corrections only it is possible i will have a second viva, maybe with the same examiners examiners said that the thesis is above an mphil level but it has not reached their expectations for a phd yet i do not know how the revise and resubmit.

Submission procedures including electronic version of thesis the student needs to complete an intention to can my thesis ( electronic or hard copy) be sent directly to the examiner(s) by my department i am anxious to get my thesis i have to resubmit my thesis, what happens next the chair of your viva is responsible. The university has developed a set of guidelines for the conduct of a thesis re- examination these include a provision for new examiners to be appointed when initial examiners are unavailable during a re-examination, examiners are requested to determine whether or not the revised thesis now meets the.

Thesis resubmission
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thesis resubmission Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination. thesis resubmission Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination. thesis resubmission Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination. thesis resubmission Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination. thesis resubmission Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination.